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So where does creativity come from ?

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There is a difference between doing creativity and being creative

Take a look at he diagram.

The top half of the diagram is about "doing creativity", the bottom half is about "being creative". It is putting them together that creates results.

As you look more closely you will see that creativity grows out of a solid base, the Environment. It is supported on the three separate pillars of Belief, Purpose and Values all of which come together, in a way which is far from clear, to produce the twin columns : Tools/Techniques and Actions/Behaviour.

In other words, the environment you create for yourself supports the way you are; the way you chose to be (because it is a matter of choice !). Which in turn give rise to the things you actually do. All of which combine to give rise to the creative impulse. Finally they all come together to produce the results that you achieve.

The thing is Creativity is an innate talent that everyone has.

We can learn to enhance our capacity for creativity. Practice makes us better .

There are those who would argue that the capacity for creativity is something you are either born with or without. They argue that creativity cannot be learned and further that if you understand the mechanism of inspiration then the output is not truly creative.

I regard this attitude as a form of snobbery or prejudice . Those who hold this attitude appear to wish to claim creativity as their territory to the exclusion of the rest of us.

I take a more pragmatic view.

By understanding a way in which we can stimulate the process of inspiration we bring new thoughts into being................. Creativity