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Origins : The Thoughtbeing ?

A while ago I was composing an email to my son.

Early in the missive I began a sentence then changed my mind about what I wanted to say. I hit <enter> a couple of times to create a gap, then continued from where I’d left off. The paragraph now read "....the theory being ......." I had completely forgotten that my original contribution was still sitting there, just off the bottom of the screen.

I finished the brief story I was telling and signed off in my usual way,

"Cheers ...."
and pressed <send>

The following day my son replied to my mail.
His final comment was "when did you become a thought being ?"

And, of course, I realised that I always had been !

By now you will have deduced that my email ended :

the thought being"

thr illumination of the open mind gives rise to the original thought