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writing - when the last thing that you want to do is write !
so how do I do good writing when I really don't feel like writing ?

Sometimes, more often than I'd like admit, I find myself having to get good quality documents out and I just can't seem to start. Or once started, continue.
Over the years I've developed some strategies that work well for me. I present them here in no particular order, you might want to try them. Enjoy.

  1. Be happy to write rubbish, I find it much easier to go back and correct something that exists, no matter how bad, than to start on something new.
  2. Set targets that you KNOW that you can reach. This can be as little as one sentence. It's ok to stop after your sentence.
  3. Linked to number 2. Use the "gym strategy". Sometimes when I need to go to the gym I don't feel very energetic. So I make myself a promise, "I'll just do 20 mins of gentle exercise, then come home." I always feel so much better after the first 10 minutes that I stay on. I can do this because I know that it will be ok if I decide to go home instead.
  4. Start in the middle, or at the end, or wherever you think it will be easiest. Don't struggle to do it in order. While you are doing the easy bits your subconscious mind will be sorting out the difficult stuff for you.
  5. just write what you want to say ! Imagine that you're having a conversation with a well disposed friend. What would you say to them ? Write that. Don't worry about writing glorious prose, you can edit it later.
  6. Reward yourself. set targets (see number 2) then give yourself a present when you reach them. A coffee, chocolate biscuit, walk in the garden or whatever works for you. Connect writing with pleasure.
  7. Use writing as a really good excuse for avoiding something even more onerous. It never ceases to amaze me how keen I become to write when the alternative is cleaning the oven.
  8. Make extensive use of mind maps to sort out your thinking. Not computer based maps ! Absolutely not computer based ! Get yourself a big piece of paper and DRAW. When you've dumped all (and I do mean all) your thinking onto the map, or maps if it's a big topic, then copy it into the document that you're writing, using the map as a guide to what-goes-where
  9. Avoid MS Word. This is a personal one. It just makes me angry, and I can't write when I angry.

I'd really like to hear about any strategies you have.

Let me know, contact me at